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Special Stages
Nr. Name Length Date Start time
SS 7 1 10,29 km 02.02.2014 08:00


Name: 1

Date: February 2

Distance: 10,29 km

Special stage closed: 6:00

Start time of first car: 8:00

Special stage is open: 10:00

Special viewpoint No.: 0

Viewpont No.: 1 / 2


We kindly invite all rally fans to attend special viewpoint, where for Your convenience bonfires will be made, hot drinks and snacks will be offered and amenities will be ensured. In the special viewpoints, the rally radio will also be broadcasted.

E> Evacuation road. On these roads car parking is allowed only on one side of the road.

Please, be considerate in relation to other persons’ property, do not litter the road-sides and at all times think about your safety and safety of other persons. Hear! See! Live!



Special stage in cooperation with

Rally of Champions is known for the historic competition between the fiercest and fastest drivers of the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. The rally, also known by its official title Rally Talsi, is organised by the same team organising Rally Liepāja RA EVENTS, SIA. 2014 will mark just a next stepping stone for the rally to be run on challenging and fast paced gravel roads of nearby Talsi region.

Champions' race is not that far away, May 17-18.

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Magazine Top Gear Latvija

Want to read viewpoint pacenotes and take the rally maps with you, then look for the latest issue of magazine Top Gear Latvija. On sale starting January 24, and be sure, the information is in English as well.


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