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Q&A: Bryan Bouffier

FIA European Rally Championship runner-up and Rallye Monte-Carlo 2nd place finisher Bryan Bouffier will return to the ERC in Latvia later this month in a PH Sport Citroën DS3 RRC. He spoke to about the challenge ahead.

- Bryan Bouffier (

Q: Firstly let’s talk about Rallye Monte-Carlo and your fantastic second-place finish. How are you feeling right now?

For me it was great to battle against the greatest team in the world, Volkswagen, and the greatest driver, Sébastien Ogier. I can’t say it’s amazing but it’s a fantastic result for sure because it’s always really hard to close the budget and it’s quite a huge amount of money to do Monte Carlo. On this kind of race it’s a tricky rally with lots of changing grip so to be second is very good.

Q: Malcolm Wilson, whose M-Sport team ran your Ford Fiesta RS WRC, has praised your performance. What does that mean to you?

When I trust the car I can be very quick and this was the case in a few stages. It was a great battle and nice to co-operate with M-Sport because I don’t have the opportunity so often with such a big team. The most difficult thing was to be able to understand the English accent! But the co-operation was very good from the beginning and I was very comfortable.

Q: You’ve got some exciting plans for the ERC. What can you tell us?

I will do the second round of the ERC in two weeks in Latvia.

Q: The ERC fans will be very pleased. What’s behind the decision to enter Rally Liepāja?

Why not is the question? It would have been better to go on the first event in Austria as well but it hasn’t been possible. For me it’s a great challenge and one more time I will get the opportunity to drive a good car and the first time I drive a completely snow event with full studs so I am sure it will be good fun.

Q: Is this a one-off or will you do more rounds of the ERC like last year when you finished runner-up to Jan Kopecký?

For the moment it’s just one shot but then we will see. Hopefully we can get a good result and will see if it can help me to do more events.

Q: What result can you achieve on what will be your first time competing in the Citroën DS3 RRC?

I don’t know, really I don’t. I have driven the DS3 WRC before and if you are focused on the race you can very quickly adapt to the car. I know it’s a good car with a good engine.

Q: You will start the event as one of the favourites to win. Do you agree?

Hopefully yes, it will be nice. But it will be my first time on snow so I don’t know what it will be like and if I will be quick or not. It’s one more challenge for me.

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